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The sewer system in your home’s plumbing remains one of the most important elements of all. Such a system handles everything from the home’s waste to excess water, so when a single problem occurs, it can be quite a messy inconvenience. In fact, any issue with a sewer line can be quite dangerous, too. Waste that may back up in a sewage system can often lead to harmful bacteria festering in the pipes and spreading throughout your entire home. In some cases, it can even lead to environmental damage. This is why it pays to call the professional sewer repair experts at Candu Plumbing when you begin to notice any trouble with a sewer system. We specialize in repairing such systems and can even tackle the biggest of problems with ease.

How Does it Work?

Our team uses video cameras to detect leaks and to search for clogs and blockages like those caused by tree roots. On a side note: tree root intrusion is especially problematic for sewer lines and is the leading cause of blockages and back-ups. As the camera goes through the pipe, it sends the video back to an HDTV monitor and allows our technicians to make accurate diagnoses of problems. The camera precisely records the location of defects and obstructions.

The information recorded in the video serves as a reference and helps our technicians determine the type of repairs needed. It also allows them to provide options to our customers based on the information they’ve gathered. A clog or blockage, for instance, may just need to be cleared using an auger, or plumbing snake. The blockage could be serious enough to require hydro-jetting, which send jets of water down the line to clear the obstruction.

Sewer camera inspections are not limited to issues in the sewer line. We use cameras for all kinds of services, from slab leak detection to finding clogs to emergency repairs. The cameras are especially useful when we’re performing trenchless repairs or needing to tunnel under your foundation to repair slab leaks. Sewer camera inspections are also valuable for prospective homeowners, who want to find out the condition of sewer lines of a home to determine if there are any problems in the system.

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