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We are the highly experienced emergency plumber providing 24-hour plumbing services throughout Los Angeles, Canoga Park and surrounding area in California. Our professional plumbing technicians are experts at all things plumbing, and we take pride in nurturing home-grown plumbers through our in-house training program. Take a look at our service areas. No local plumbing company can beat our service or our coverage area.

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I called CANDU with my house backing up... 45 mins later Manny and Louie were at my front door. The both greeted me with a smile, Both out on bootys, gloves, and mask... which my wife and I very much appreciated. They explained my mainline sewer with backed. 1 hour later, they fixed my stoppage, everything was draining perfect. They saved the day. Candu is my goto Plumbing company Moving forward. I would and will recommend theses guys to ALL!!!! Thank you again for your professional service...On a side note: I locked my keys in my truck, Manny and Louie noticed my frustration in my driveway. My driver side window was slightly down. Those 2 superheroes got a small thin pipe off their truck, and was able to push the unlock button and open the door. Very Much Appreciated there help.
Jeffrey M
Santa Clarita, CA

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