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When considering a re-pipe of a residential commercial space, it is important to have trust in a company that can follow through on their promises. Our team at Candu Plumbing focuses on ethical, efficient, and quality work for our clients. Call us today to schedule a free estimate, and let us fix the pipes of your property to the standard of excellence we hold ourselves to.

Why re-pipe?

When you have plumbing problems with leaking or broken pipes, the usual solution is to have the faulty pipes replaced. However, there are some cases where you will need to have all the pipes replaced: whole-house repiping. This is an option to consider if you live in an older home or any home with galvanized steel plumbing. Steel was the most popular choice for home plumbing for many decades, but steel eventually suffers from corrosion and lacks the durability of today’s copper, PEX, and CPVC piping.

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