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With CANDU residential plumbing, homeowners enjoy safe drinking water and clear drains, but many other home services are part of  our residential plumbing service. CANDU Plumbers work on gas lines, small and large fixtures, water lines in the ground and in the wall, but also so much more. Plumbers service the water lines going to the refrigeration, clogged dishwasher drains, leaks in the ceiling and upgrading piping that is not leaking. Residential plumbers do just about everything, so when do you call CANDU?


Don’t be afraid to contact us with ANY questions OR concerns at ANYTIME, We do free job estimates so we will tell you everything you need before you spend a DIME!

CANDU Residential Maintenance

Because residential plumbing encompasses so many aspects, homeowners should invest in an annual plumbing maintenance visit with a licensed professional. During annual maintenance, plumbers will assess possible leaks and make recommendations to ensure all freshwater lines are in working condition, test drain lines to determine if there might be a potential issue, and check all the shut-off valves and toilets in the home.

By regularly assessing the plumbing in the home, homeowners can stay ahead of potential problems and save themselves from costly plumbing repairs or surprise floods.

At Candu Plumbing, our licensed professionals are licensed and trained for all residential plumbing in the home, from gas lines to drain clogs, from the pipes in the floor to the pipes in the ceiling. We have over 20 years of experience means customers will receive the very best in service and craftsmanship.

For emergency services or a general check up on your home’s plumbing, call the professionals at CANDU Plumbing.

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