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Plumbing renovation or remodel work can be expensive. After all, plumbers are professionals who, like electricians, attend a trade school, become apprentices for years, and submit to state and other local licensing requirements. A good plumber is highly valuable, often accomplishing feats of plumbing magic in no time at all. But that does not mean that remodel plumbing has to be a fixed-price project with astronomical costs. Smart homeowners and business owners employ methods that help them pare down their plumbing contractor bill. At Candu we help educate our clients with the best practices to make reconstruction a painless process.

Why use Candu?

Our goal at Candu is to provide our customers with a reliable plumber and contractor who can help them at all steps of the process. You won’t need to go anywhere else, our experienced and friendly staff can take care of everything, even the insurance billing. While plumbing problems aren’t fun to experience, it is good to have an experienced company on your side.

Due to our high standards of workmanship, dedication, strong work ethic and commitment to each project along with affordable prices, we have established ourselves as the premier company for plumbing, property damage restoration, reconstruction and cleanup services.

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