Professional Sewer & Pipe line cleaning in Woodland Hills

Over time, structural integrity and strength of properties can be affected and it can affect sewer system of your house. The most common sewage problem that may occur is that of a slab leak. As a homeowner, you must know the causes and signs of a slab leak in Woodland Hills. Slab leak is a leak that has been formed in copper pipes below the concrete slabs under your house's foundation. These slab leaks in Woodland Hills is generally caused by metal corrosion. Candu Plumbing & Rooter's team is expert on repair of slab leak in Woodland Hills. Our team has years of experience and knowledge, which is very helpful to its plumbers while providing any type of plumbing solution. We aim at ensuring customer safety at any cost.

There can be a number of causes of a slab leak in Woodland Hills. Generally, a slab leak in Woodland Hills can be caused due to imperfections during pipe installations. Small defects during the placement of the pipes may get worse over time and may result in slab leaks in Woodland Hills. These can also be caused by house shift due to transition in foundation or ground under the building. This can cause pressure on the pipes, which can cause it to be damaged. However, the most common reason for slab leak in Woodland Hills is metal corrosion. In contact of water and soil, copper or matter pipes may corrode over time and become damaged. These reasons can cause slab leak and you may need to contact a plumber to get it repaired.

You can easily know if your property has a slab leak in Woodland Hills. With some common signs, which, if you study closely will help you in knowing that your house possibly has a slab leak? The most common sign of a slab leak in Woodland Hills is a sudden rise in water bills. This will be due to running water that flows through the leaks. This may also be accompanied by a noise of running water from pipes. Due to leakage, moisture may appear under the carpeting. It can also result in damp or moist floors. It may also result in reduced water pressure in other pipes. Slab leak can affect the structural integrity of the property and can cause cracks in the walls. Lastly, mold can also be a big problem. Contact Candu Plumbing & Rooter to get the best plumbing services in Woodland Hills.