What to Do About a Buzzing Garbage Disposal

Dec 04
Your garbage disposal is supposed to destroy the food waste you put down the drain. Put too much of or the wrong type of food down the train, though, and you could place too much stress on the impellers, those parts that everyone thinks of as blades. If your garbage

3 Things You Can Do to Maintain Storm Drains

Oct 03
Storm drains are designed to quickly and efficiently capture rainwater as well as melted snow and ice. If you live in a town or city, chances are that your home is close to a storm drain. Should a storm drain be located on or adjacent to your property, it is

What Causes A Toilet To Run Every 5 Minutes?

Aug 03
Toilets run, sometimes for no reason. Mysterious running and flushing noises, known as “ghost flushes” are a natural phenomenon that can occur when parts of the toilet develop defects or begin to deteriorate. Luckily, ghost flushing can be fixed. Understanding the way your toilet works and what can lead to

4 Best Practices for Reducing Water Usage and Lowering Your Bill

Jun 23
Water is a precious resource, and wasting it costs homeowners a lot of money in the form of higher water bills. Fortunately, most homeowners can reduce their water usage by adopting good conservation practices. Below are the four best practices that will help you lower your water bill. 1. Install High-Efficiency