Natural Household Products That Clean and Freshen Drains

Your home’s drains can cause a lot of problems when they become clogged. Fortunately, there are a variety of products you can use to clean and freshen your home’s drains. These products are available for sale in grocery stores and can help keep your home’s drains in good condition.


Vinegar is naturally acidic and antibacterial, which makes it a natural cleaning product that is used to clean a variety of household surfaces. This makes vinegar perfect for cleaning your sink drain, shower drain or bathtub drain.
The acidic component of vinegar helps break down organic materials in your drain, which helps to move the water faster. To keep your drain clear, pour a few cups of vinegar down your drain and let it sit for several minutes, then follow up by flushing the drain with hot water.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a natural cleaning agent that absorbs smells and helps clear away grease. To clear your drain of clogs caused by grease, pour baking soda down the drain and then chase the baking soda with vinegar.
Baking soda and vinegar cause a reaction when they mix, but pouring the vinegar into the drain slowly will help control this reaction. Let that mixture sit in the drain for a while, then flush the mixture down with water.


Salt is naturally coarse, so it’s sometimes used to clean out the inside of garbage disposals. To clean out your garbage disposal and attached drain, pour salt and ice into the disposal and run the disposal for several minutes. Chase the mixture with water to help wash it away.
You can also use salt to help clean out clogged shower, sink and bathtub drains at home. Combined with other ingredients like baking soda and vinegar, salt can help clear drains and keep them clean.
For example, pour equal parts salt, baking soda and vinegar into your drain and leave it to sit overnight. Wash the mixture away in the morning. Doing this will help clear out some of the stuck-on gunk in your drain pipe.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is also naturally acidic, so it can help clear your drain in a way that is similar to vinegar. Best of all, lemon juice smells great! In the case of a nasty clog with a bad odor, a few tablespoons of lemon juice can help freshen your drain.
To kill big odors, try pouring several tablespoons of baking soda down your drain and leave the baking soda in the drain overnight. In the morning, pour a few tablespoons of lemon juice over the baking soda, then pour vinegar over the lemon juice. Allow the vinegar and baking soda to react, then pour hot water over the entire concoction until it washes down the drain.

When to Use These Products

Some drains need to be cleaned on a regular basis, others only need to be cleaned when they become clogged. If your home’s drains are problematic and regularly develop clogs, start cleaning your drains with products like vinegar, baking soda, salt and lemon juice.

Work With Your Plumber

Many plumbing problems can’t be fixed by natural household products. When this is the case, the best person to turn to is your plumber. A professional plumber will use a variety of powerful tools to help clear drains that have become clogged. For answers to more questions, contact the plumbers at Candu Plumbing & Rooter. We have a lot of advice for homeowners who would like to care for their drains and avoid clogs. We can recommend products and best practices to help you take care of your home’s plumbing.

How to Extend the Life of Your Garbage Disposal

Keeping your appliances in good working order goes a long way toward keeping home life on an even keel and minimizes expenses down the line. Here is what to know so you maintain your garbage disposal, extending its life for as long as possible.

Know About Water Temperature

During daily use of your disposal, you should run cold water through the apparatus. This is because cold water actually helps harden the food you are sending through your appliance. This makes it easier to break up. Warm water is not the answer because it softens foods and leads to a higher chance of them being stuck in the pipes.
If problems do arise, sending through boiling water can also help. This is not something to do with each use of the disposal, however. In generally, sticking to cold water is the best way to go. Also make sure you let the disposal run to reduce the risk of clogs.

Citrus Peels & Other Tips

Citrus peels help with reducing odor and help with food clearing through the disposal. On the other side of the situation, however, metal and plastic are not good to go down the drain. Anything binding like fats and oils will very quickly clog things up. Bones and fibrous vegetables like celery can also be a problem.

If you have a continual problem despite following these tips, help is available. To enlist the aid of a skilled plumber, contact Candu Plumbing & Rooter today.